Artistic decoration

Thanks to Satin Easy, it is now possible to express your creativity in an easy, fast and safe way.
Either as a hobbyist or a professional artist, you can decorate glass objects and mirrors with acid etching using a simple brush.

Satin Easy for the hobbyist
Acid etching is now a technique everyone can afford thanks to Satin Easy.
Would you like to make a Valentine’s gift? Would you like to decorate a glass set for an unforgettable present? You need only your creativity and passion, we will provide technology and innovation!

Satin Easy for the artist
Nowadays light is the most important topic of the artistic research and of the architectural innovation.
Satin Easy grants the artist the most complete freedom in creating his installation, being it a stained glass or a conceptual art work. The artist has complete autonomy with Satin Easy and he needs to draw upon artisans no more.

Products needed:

What you need: