Satin Easy protects your car!

Satin Easy helps to protect your car and your commercial vehicle. It is used by the most important car alarm manufacturers for car glass marking.
Glass marking is a simple technique, but it is incredibly effective for dissuading car thieves.
All car glasses are marked with a unique code using Satin Easy acid etching cream. The code is inserted into a database at Police disposal all over the world: this makes easy to identify a stolen car. If the thief wants to avoid car identification, he needs to remove and substitute all car glasses!

Why Satin Easy?

Security codes can be marked on car glasses with different techniques (i.e. laser), so why choose Satin Easy?

  • No set-up costs: with Satin Easy you need only restock consumables. You do not need to sustain the high set-up costs of a laser engraver.
  • Easy and safe for the user: Satin Easy is easy and safe to use. Operators do not need additional training. Only a stencil, a squeegee and a Satin Easy can are needed.

Products needed:

What you need: