Thanks to Satin System, you can chemically sandblast glass surfaces.

Why Satin System?

Why choose Satin System instead of the traditional mechanical sandblasting?

  • No set-up costs: with Satin System you need only restock consumables. You do not need to sustain the high set-up costs of a sandblasting machine.
  • Smooth surface: the chemical action of Satin System gives smoother surfaces than mechanical sandblasting.
  • “Velvet” effect: working at molecular level, Satin System acid paste gives a “velvet” effect that mechanical sandblasting cannot achieve.
  • Stain resistance: acid etched glasses are more resistant to stain than mechanical sandblasted ones.

Products needed:

What you need:

  • Squeegee
  • Screen
  • Screen printing machine (large scale productions only)
  • Glass washer (large scale productions only)