Screen printing

Satin System has been developed to chemically acid etch glasses and mirrors by means of pastes and creams and it is best used with screen printing technique.
Satin System can satisfy the most different and demanding production needs thanks to modularity and a wide range of specialised products.
With Satin System you can make:

  • Acid etched signs and drawings.
  • Total acid etching.

Why Satin System?

Acid etching is usually done by chemical baths, so why use Satin System?

  • No set-up costs: with Satin System you need only restock consumables. You do not need to sustain the high set-up costs of an acid etching production line.
  • Flexible production: with no set-up costs, Satin System is suitable for any kind of production, from the small artistic productions to the large scale ones.
  • Easy and safe for the user: acid etching pastes in the Satin System are easy and safe to use. Operators do not need additional training.
  • No safety costs: acid etching paste has minimum volatility and thus does not require an extractor fan or air filtering system. This allows cutting safety costs.

Products needed:

What you need:

  • Squeegee
  • Screen
  • Screen printing machine (large scale productions only)
  • Glass washer (large scale productions only)